The Aspen Africa Initiative offers a unique experience where participants engage in seminars led by trained moderators to explore and clarify their personal values through readings-based dialogue.

Aspen Africa Initiative's public engagement programs provide safe spaces for critical examination of Africa's challenges and opportunities, fostering data-driven conversations. The programs are divided into closed dialogues; which are exclusive events for senior leaders and policymakers that serve as catalysts for policy acceleration and actionable change. Our open dialogues are accessible to the public through registration. They aim to encourage deeper thinking and empower individuals with the knowledge to champion change in Africa.

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Activism in the Digital Age

This webinar was a dialogue held in partnership with the Aspen Global Leadership Network as part of the Resnick Aspen Action Forum. This activity highlighted the stories of courageous change-makers using digital platforms to cause social transformation.


The Aspen Initiative for Africa in Nairobi in partnership with the Aspen Institute in Kyiv organized a joint dialogue about the war in Ukraine that was held virtually on August 31, 2022. The dialogue was focused on sharing experiences, and further discussing the implications of the war in Ukraine, how Africans can stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the similarities between Africa and Ukraine as targets for colonial expansionist strategies.

Unpacking GMOs in Africa

The Aspen Institute - Africa Initiative held a webinar on GMOs in Africa on April 13th, 2023. The panel included experts who discussed hindrances to GMO adoption, food insecurity, and impact on farmers. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of GMOs and the regulatory challenges.

Future of the Farm

What does the future of farming look like as biotechnology continues to advance to create more sustainable farming practices? We sat down with Karene Melloul and Mwangi of Kenzugi who are embarking on a large-scale agricultural project that is utilizing bio-technology and sustainable farming practices to increase productivity.

China in Africa

China in Africa:101 was the first webinar of our Partnerships for Prosperity series. We hosted a panel of academics and researchers who shared data on China-Africa relations and gave the audience a broader context on the history, migration trends and the perceptions that Africans have on the bi-lateral relationship.

Why Men Make More: Unpacking the Gender Pay Gap

In partnership with ABSA Kenya, we held a webinar to unpack the drivers of the gender pay gap and solutions that have worked at an organisational and individual level. Alongside speakers from Payscale, UN Women and ABSA; participants were familiarized with the ways in which the gender pay gap is assessed and how cultural contexts impact the drivers of the pay gap.

Trust in Africa series

In partnership with Edelman Africa, we will be hosting a series of dialogues on rebuilding trust in institutions. These webinars will explore insights into public attitudes towards key institutions - government, media, business, civil society and religious institutions. We’ll hear from industry leaders and researchers on how to build trustworthy systems and institutions.

The Future of Religion in Africa

The Religion in Africa program, organized by Aspen Africa and Open Society, aims to explore the diverse landscape of religion in Africa, address key issues, and promote informed dialogue and tolerance. This collaboration brings together their expertise and networks to create a platform for meaningful discussions on religion in African societies. We will be unpacking issues such as religion and democracy, religious deviants like cults, religious intolerance and restoring faith in the faith sector.

Thriving Despite Corruption: Lessons from China

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on corruption, where we will not only examine the latest thinking on how to eradicate both petty and grand corruption, but also delve into the situational factors that have allowed certain countries to continue growing despite corruption. Through this insightful conversation, we will gain valuable lessons that can be applied in Africa, as we explore the experiences of countries like the United States and China. Hear from experts like Nigeria's Soyi Apamba and Dr. Yuen Yuen Ang from Johns Hopkins and broaden your understanding of this critical issue. Don't miss out!

African Identity: Who is an African?

The African identity is highly diverse; with a range of languages, cultures and beliefs across the continent - what defines who an African is? We will be discussing the African identity among diasporans, immigrants, francophone and anglophone and more.

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The Future of Journalism in Africa

Journalism across the globe is changing at a rapid pace with the advancement of technology and the move away from traditional business models in media. This unique event was specifically designed for media leaders from all corners of the world who are eager to share their challenges, learn from each other's experiences and collaborate on practical solutions. In Nairobi on July 10th, 2023,delegates and panelists discussed pressing topics like Navigating Busted Business Models, AI's promise & perils, and Trust in the Media.

Bourse des leaders du secteur public

AIA-N et GDI collaborent sur un programme de bourses de deux ans pour investir dans les dirigeants du secteur public à travers l'Afrique. Le programme vise à fournir une plate-forme permettant aux dirigeants de grandir, de donner un sens aux transformations en cours dans leurs communautés et d'encourager les initiatives à fort impact qui façonnent les objectifs institutionnels.

Série de talents technologiques

Get ready to join an exclusive roundtable that targets policy-makers! Targeting a select group of senior technocrats from IT and Education ministries in Africa and beyond for a thrilling peer learning experience. You'll discover how to meet the talent demands of rapidly growing countries amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Not only that, but you'll gain a shared language and gain valuable insights from successful upskilling and education reform initiatives in other countries. Don't miss out on this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today's changing world!

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